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Dumbbell starter set.webp

This set comes with 5lb, 10lb. and 15lb. weights as well as a rack to keep them organized! This is a great starter set for your home workouts.

resistance band set.png

This band set is great for home workouts! You can easily change resistance, use the door attachment to create your own cable-like system and even detach the handles to easily hook it around fences and such for outdoor/on-the-go workouts!

stability ball.png

Stability balls are a great tool to have at home. It is extremely versatile and works your core however you are using it! (I like pink, but it comes in a variety of colors)

bluetooth headphones.jpeg

Earbuds NEVER stay in my ears -- and I've tried them all! These headphones are super comfortable and stay in place even when I'm running or jumping around! The battery life is great too -- I charge them maybe once every 10 days and I use them pretty often!

fitbit versa 2.png

There are SO many fitness trackers out there now, but I have a Fitbit Versa 2 and I love it! I love that I can track my workouts, I can see constant HR readings, I can see how many calories I've burned and taken in, I have challenges with friends and so much more!!

squat proof leggings.png

SQUAT-PROOF. This is the main win for me here. I have legs and a butt and I can actually move and I can squat without the pants either becoming see-through or ripping at the seams! These come in lots of different colors too. (I have pink, purple and black)

foam roller.jpg

Foam rollers are a great to way reduce muscle soreness, help with recovery and also prevent injury. This high-density foam roller is a super-beneficial tool to have at home! 

exercise mat.png

I'm not a fan of trying to workout while my mat slides all over or when I'm trying to use my phone as a timer and it slides away. This mat solves those issues and gives you a nice workout spaces for all of those floor exercises and stretches!

blender bottle.jpeg

I refill these for my water bottle that I drink all day long, use them as shakes or even put drinks in there for the kids for picnics -- they're super easy to shake up and I've dropped them a million times without them opening or breaking!

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