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MEmbers-Only Coaching Group .
Weekly Live coaching Calls . Workouts . Nutrition 

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Get to know us

Meet Leslie and Lisa

Lisa and Leslie are both fitness pros with a passion to genuinely help people and change the face of fitness, making it accessible to everyone! 

The two met in a business development group because both believe that they can always improve what they do and strive to bring the best to their clients.

Well, I guess you can say the rest is history as these two hit it off and found that they share the same passions, desires, and hearts to truly help people reach their goals and transform their lives.

With over 35+ years of combined experience in the fitness industry, these Fit Pro's are also both Breast Cancer Survivors, which brings an entirely different perspective to fitness and being healthy for life. Their strength and faith through their journeys allow them to coach with true compassion.

These two fit pros have come together to change the face of fitness by providing AFFORDABLE fitness that is ACCESSIBLE to everyone!!


They are creating a strong community of women that is working together to create lasting change and real results!!


If you are truly looking to join a community that is supportive and compassionate and wants to see you succeed, you're in the right place. 💛 

Your future self will thank you for this.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

These ladies not only have the passion to help women and change lives, but they have the experience, expertise and credentials as well!

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